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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beardliness is Next to Godliness: A Contest

Rational Faiths and Modern Mormon Men are launching the contest to end all contests, starting this September 1st and continuing until the end of October.

Before we begin, think about what we know about our Heavenly Father. We know he is all-powerful and all-knowing. We know he loves us. From prophetic accounts and artistic depictions, we also know he has a beard, and we know he sent his bearded son to die for us. In other words, beardliness is next to godliness.

We are sure this has been something prophets throughout time have struggled with. Some may have wanted to emulate our heavenly guides by growing beards. Some perhaps have felt unworthy and decided to make a subdued effort, decorating only regions of their face with facial hair, thus attempting to show their humility before God. Some have completely shaved their face, maybe to delineate the separation between man and his creator. The collection of various attempts has left us with quite the gallery.

Which brings us to the beard competition:
  • Grow your beard Sep 1st to Oct 31st. (no need to be clean-shaven, you can start with a beard)
  • Take a picture on the first day, and if possible include evidence to indicate the date - i.e. a date display on the picture, a newspaper from September 1st in prominent display, etc.
  • On October 31st, shave your facial hair into a style similar to any latter-day apostle or prophet
  • Submit via email a final picture and a name for the style - "The Wilford Woodruff," "The George Albert Smith," "The Early Lorenzo Snow with Awesome Sideburns," "The Older Pointy Bearded Lorenzo Snow," or "The Heber C. Kimball Comb-Over Sideburns Combo"
  • Prizes for both those that start with a smooth face and those that start with a beard.
We'll post the final pictures, with the winners being decided by the number of votes received. The smooth-faced person with the most votes will be awarded $100 in cash, a Sunday School or Illustrated Mormons print from Scott Heffernan, and a Rational Faiths sticker. The person who starts with a beard will be awarded the same but only $50 in cash. That's some good prizes to look totally awesome and be the envy of all of your friends! The more who participate, the more fun we will have. Let the beard growing begin!

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