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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

8 Reasons Why I Want My Kids to Attend the BYU

by Eliana (bio)

I swore I wouldn't go there. For 16 years I only knew one thing about post-secondary education—that I would not be attending BYU. Then it came time to actually pay for college, and suddenly the cloud parted and I did some math. And spent the next four years in Provo, Utah.

8. You can be slightly rebellious and feel like you are wild. Case in point: my collection of letters to the editor from The Daily Universe from concerned students about my shaved head.

7. Serious scripture study. I attended four years of early morning seminary. It was good but not rigorous. Rather, two years were good. Two were ridiculous. I've never had an experience with institute, so I only speak of what I know. One of the best parts of BYU for me was having to focus on thinking about the scriptures as homework.

6. Price. It just can't be beat. Really.

5. My parents met in a family home evening group. They both went off on missions and eventually came back and got hitched in the Provo Temple. My husband and I met at BYU also. There's some family history involved. I'm not super into history, but as I grow older I'm getting more nostalgic. I'd like to drop my kids off at college and force them to relive moments with me.

4. Sleeping with your date isn't expected. I'm not saying it doesn't happen or that all college students aren't thinking about sex anyway. It is just slightly easier to make good choices on the big stuff if those around you are making the same efforts.

3. Devotionals and forums. This happens at other universities, obviously, but I got to listen to amazing people speak while I was at BYU. Prophet and apostles yes, but also fascinating movers and shakers like Margaret Thatcher, Myrlie Evers Williams, Muhammad Yunus, for example. I love that the BYU campus shuts down for an hour a week for these happenings.

2. Did I mention the cost? I'm a professor at a community college these days and I have constant stress about higher education costs even though I have no desire to foot the bill for my kids.

1. Ridiculous rules. Overly zealous everything. Difficult access to Diet Coke. BYU was challenging for me. It is hard to know what to attribute to college generally and BYU specifically, but I am confident saying that going there was my right choice. It has taken me years to be able to admit that, but there you have it.

MMM readers, what do you think? Would you recommend your kids head to Happy Valley?

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