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Monday, February 18, 2013

My Wedding Anniversary

by Bradly Baird (bio)

After nearly twenty years of marriage, celebrating the anniversary of that event can become a challenge; mainly because so many expectations and emotions are tied up in whether the celebration truly honors the level of feeling that one has for a spouse after so much time. As our anniversary loomed large this year, my wife and I had no clue how we would celebrate. We only knew that the traditional romantic evening or weekend getaway wasn't going to cut it.

So, we rented a canyon.

Specifically, we rented Pah Tempe Hot Springs in the little town of Hurricane (right there by Zion National Park). For less than one hundred dollars, we had a private canyon, seven hot spring pools, two caves, a waterfall, and a great big chunk of the Virgin River all to ourselves for an entire morning. We swam, relaxed, talked, meditated, floated in bubbles, stared at the sky, took pictures, and "celebrated."

It was magical and I would rank this anniversary morning as one of the top one hundred moments of our marriage. Check it out!

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