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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top MMM Posts of 2012

We had a great year here at Modern Mormon Men. Thanks for sticking with us. Here are some of the top posts from 2012. Won't you reminisce with us?

Testimony Bingo by Scott Heffernan
Calvin & Hobbes: Reflections by Seattle Jon
The Case for Barack Obama by Robert Taber
The Uchtdorf Meme by Scott Hales
Single, 32, Female and Mormon by Lauren Johnson
Sell Out by Sam Nelson
This Mormon Moment Isn't for Us by brettmerritt

Dear Bishop, From Your Gay Brother by GMP
Sustaining vs. Agreeing by Glynn Wilcox
The Golden Nickel: How to Get Your Kids to Do What You Want by Dustin
Why I am Fundamentally Team Peeta by LJ
Financial Transparency & The LDS Church by Seattle Jon
Worst LDS Hymns by A-Dub
Forget Proper Discipline: Let Your Kids Know You're Craaaaazy by Dustin

Hardest Church Callings by A-Dub
The Frustration and Perspective of a Bishop by ldsbishop
MMM Mail 3: Today's Young Men by Multiple MMM Contributors
The Librarian by Ben Johnson
My Sister Missionary Wish List by Aimee
The Mormon Comic Sans Project by Scott Heffernan
Sunday in the Rockaways by May Jones

Who Are You, the King of the World? by LJ
Judgement, Jesus and Justifications by brettmerritt
Bruce Lee, Joseph Smith and Water by Saint Mark
Get to Know Your Ward Members: Charlen Parmenter by Bishop Higgins
Less Is More by Casey Peterson
Being Enough by Pete Codella
Modern Mormon Geek Moment #2 by Bradly Baird

Did we miss any of your favorites?

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