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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Uchtdorf Meme: Part 2

A few month ago, I posted about the popularity of the Uchtdorf meme. Since then, the Uchtdorf meme has been going strong and evolving in new and exciting ways. Brothers and sisters, let these new Uchtdorf memes--all but two of which I have found online--nourish and strengthen you. They are a fitting digital tribute to someone we all honor. 

This one was inevitable. How could you not make the comparison? Especially when the number of celebrities with German accents is what it is ...

I wonder if this one is based on a true story. Part of me believes it. 

Airplanes are still a staple of the Uchtdorf meme. As they should be.

And don't say you've never wondered ...

Of course, President Uchtdorf reminded us in the most recent General Conference that wings aren't the only way he gets from point A to point B. He also digs the bicycle ... as this riff on the Dos Equis meme shows.

The "Stop It" meme is still going strong, especially with a flux of new Mormon cultural material--like that recent business about Mormons and caffeine and President Nelson's "Ask the Missionaries" talk (which has spawned a meme subgenre of its own).

And why not this one?

Had this meme-maker been more meme savvy, he could have riffed on the "Stahp" meme and the "Stop It" meme and hit it out of the park. Too bad.

Not surprisingly, President Uchtdorf's good looks are still a major theme of the meme. 

Here he gets the Brigham Young endorsement.

But then there's the weird President Uchtdorf "Hey Girl" variant ... which comes off a little creepy in my opinion. Maybe some meme ideas are better left unmemed ...

And there are some Uchtdorf memes that defy classification.

Finally, it's probably worth noting that the Uchtdorf meme has become so popular that it has itself become the subject of memes. I like to call these memes Uchtdorf meta-memes ...

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