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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The BeFrugal Browser Add-On

by Pete Codella (bio)

Although this post is secular in nature, it is very much geared to provident living. For full disclosure, the tool this article is focused on was developed by a client of mine, but it's so cool that I had to share. And I'm not even a very frequent online shopper.

If you do any shopping online, you seriously should check-out this browser add-on that automatically identifies any coupons or discount codes, then lets you select the one you want from a drop-down when you checkout. The tool is available now and works in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

It's called the BeFrugal Add-On. The tool crowdsources coupons, so if someone uses a code on a site that isn't already in the system, once it's accepted by the merchant, the code is added to the online database for that site, benefiting all Add-On users.

If you ever do any shopping online and find yourself going from site to site looking for coupons and discount codes, the BeFrugal Add-On is bound to save you tons of time and money. It automates the whole online discount shopping process, which, I suppose, is why it's called Couponomatic™.

I think the add-on is the digital version of what some families do around the kitchen table each week, clipping coupons and filing them for later in-store use. That was then, the BeFrugal Add-on is now — a discount shopping tool for the digital age.

Also, BeFrugal has a cash back program that works at more than 3,000 sites covering 80% of the top 500 online retailers. So in addition to discount and coupon codes, shoppers can receive cash back through BeFrugal, requesting a PayPal deposit or check in the mail once their account reaches $25.

As I said, I'm not a big online shopper, but I'm really impressed with this tool. I think it will be a game changer for Internet shopping. I'm going to use it this holiday season. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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