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Monday, April 23, 2012

Guest Post: I'm Not Scared of Guest Posting

Ella is twelve years old. She is in sixth grade and loves her school! This is her first (but not last) guest post. Ella enjoys playing with her seven chickens and wrestling with her dad (Seattle Jon). Ella is active in tennis, soccer and choir. At school, Ella is involved in drama and enjoys middle-school literature. She hopes to do more guest posts in the future, but wanted to get this one up to be the first kid to guest post!

My school is having a book fair. I was in the library where the fair was being held, browsing the books, when I saw a book called "Phobia." I thought the book looked interesting, so picked it up and started to flip through it. Inside were some of the basic phobias a person could have.

For example, two of my phobias are: claustrophobia, a fear of tight spaces, and selachophobia, a fear of sharks. Here are the rest of my phobias.

Acrophobia: fear of heights
Odontophobia: fear of dentistry
Hemophobia: fear of blood
Aquaphobia: fear of water
Apiphobia: fear of bees
Arachnophobia: fear of spiders
Clinophobia: fear of going to bed

What are you scared of?

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