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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mormon Explorer: General Conference Blitz

by jpaul (bio)
by Roy Peckham (bio)

We wouldn't be much of a start-up if we didn't try to do some crazy marketing campaigns to stretch our small budget to its limit. Today we have a team of five volunteers hitting the streets at the Salt Lake City Conference Center to distribute 4,000 "postcards" introducing visitors from around the world to Mormon Explorer. The text is a bit small in the pic, but it is a letter home from a traveler using Mormon Explorer describing what an amazing experience it has been. The QR code will take mobile users to our mobile site for basic information and sign up.

If you are going to any of the Saturday sessions, see if you spot the postcards being handed out. Don't worry, they're not anti-Mormon literature. Also, a big thanks to the great turnout we've had over the last couple days. As I write this, we are at 252 users in 21 countries.

Finally, we are listening to feedback and constantly making improvements. If you haven't tried the "World View" yet, you should because it's awesome. You can see all the users across the world as you drag the map and zoom in and out. Sign up for free and keep sharing the site with others!

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