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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How We Got The Book Of Mormon

by Saint Mark (bio)

Teaching children things of value and of great worth is a challenge. But, in this modern day we have lots of tools to help us. One of these tools is the "Book of Mormon Stories." My wife and I have read this and the other scriptural "Stories" books to our children since before they could talk.

Having "read" the standard works with them multiple times, they now have a firm foundation in the stories of great heroes like Noah and Moses, Nephi and Ammon, Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ.

We have also tried to show them videos of these stories, but they have been flat and not captured the attention of our hyperactive children. However, now there is a new video version of these stories that is done in the "Ken Burns" style. Here is a summary of what the LDS Church has done to make these stories more captivating:

"As Fernando Camilo, manager of product awareness in the curriculum department, explains, “The Book of Mormon Stories video series has gone through a major update. A technique called parallax animation, in which two-dimensional figures are cut out and moved around the canvas, was used to give the images a new, animated three-dimensional look. This new version also features sound effects and stunning new visual effects such as lightning, twinkling stars and fire. A new original soundtrack was also added to the videos.” Plus, these videos will be available in ten additional languages come December, right in time for Sunday School study!"

I believe it takes a village to raise children in the way they should go, and a large repertoire of methods to engage our children's young, eager, and active minds and spirits. I hope these videos can buttress the good work you already do as parents of the rising generation.

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