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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are The Muppets Anti-Oil?

by Saint Mark (bio)

When I was a little boy, one of my favorite shows on television was "The Muppet Show." I enjoyed the special guests who wore their 70s leisure suits and loved the witticisms and banter between the two old guys who sit in the balcony.

But, recently, I have been alerted to the fact that my beloved Muppets are political puppets! Can it be that Jim Henson's evolved sock innovations are nothing but green hippies who hate Big Oil (gasp!)?

Here's the report that shook my childhood foundation:

Before we drink one side's Kool-Aid, I think we should hear from the Muppets themselves to find out if the Muppets are the anti-capitalist, oil-hate mongers that Fox Business/Fox News reported:

Now that we've heard both perspectives, what is your take? Are the Muppets anti-oil and Marxists? Or, is the only thing that the Muppets are guilty of is a lack of creativity in using a hackneyed antagonist?

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