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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Post: Dad & Baby T

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Marcus Lane was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and served his mission in Guatemala City. He spends his days running tree-lined streets and listening to his favorite tunes to prepare for marathons, half marathons and 10K's. He is married to his tall blonde dream girl and they have a two year-old son and another baby in the oven who will be making a grand entrance in February of 2012. Marcus writes on his personal family blog, The Shields Riot, where he updates his readers on the family's travels, humor, thoughts and other meaningless adventures.

Last month I completed yet another marathon. It felt good to finish, really good. I even beat my last time by two whole minutes!  Every time I complete a race it makes me want to run another one. You receive a sense of achievement that is difficult to describe. I have never felt this before in my life, until I started running and competing. It's different then winning a basketball or soccer game with your team. The race is up to you, just you. You have to be both physically and mentally ready. Maybe that's why I like it. I can depend on myself and maybe not on other people.

Another good part of running is the training. You have to make the time for it, which can be difficult with work, family, church and hobbies. You see, I am a father to an almost two year-old boy, whom I will call Baby T.  He is the joy in my life. My wife and I always knew that we wanted children and Baby T came with a newly purchased jogging stroller. He was born in the early fall and as soon as Spring hit, he was my new running buddy. I love spending this time with him. I would push him and run, while clearing all the thoughts in my head as Baby T would play, sing, eat, drink and talk. I love seeing his little smiling face when he looks up at me while we cruise our neighborhood streets. That look on his face assures me that he is enjoying himself and loves to go with me. Even on those cold days, I will bundle Baby T up and continue to run. I can't decide if he gets more out of our runs or if I do. Either way, we both enjoy it and look forward to our running time together. It also gives my wife a break from her day. It has an overall positive affect on everyone. It is the small moments like these that I will cherish and it makes me proud to be a father.

Another good thing about pushing Baby T on my runs are that he motivates me. Some days when I get home and don't want to go running because I am exhausted, I hear his childish voice tell me that he wants to go on a walk outside. Which means he wants me to push him in the jogging stroller. He motivates me and gets me going. Maybe I owe it to Baby T for beating my last marathon time by two minutes. Thank you Baby T for the motivation and look for us out on the streets, give us a honk and a wave!

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