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Friday, August 12, 2011

On the Clock

by Kyle August (bio)

I was going to clean out my closet.

I was going to read a compelling novel.

I was going to dunk on a camper.

I was going to work on my prayer style.

I was going to polish my interviewing skills.

I was going to fly using a water jetpack.

I was going to take up planking.

I was going to, but then the NFL lockout ended.

Is this post about the lockout? No. Clearly, I’m talking about our most coveted asset – time. You see, time is something that always seems to escape us. We can never quite find enough of it. Today more than ever we are required to do more with less time.

You know, the typical routine, right? I'm talking about the "work full time, stay in shape, update my Facebook status, tweet about the weather, check-in at the bathroom on Foursquare, watch Sportscenter so I have something to talk to my coworkers about in the morning, watch the Bachelorette so I have something to talk to my wife about at night, write in my journal, plank, index names from the 1645 census, understand why ceilings are so important to our government, keep up with the Kardashians," and on, and on.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to get the real important things done, we have to sacrifice. Time sacrifices are different for everyone. They can range from the self-destructively unproductive to the worthiest of endeavors. No matter what it is, we don’t have time for it all.

Today I ask you – the extremely good-looking MMM reader – how do you juggle it all? What is worth juggling? What makes something worthy of your time? When do you know its time to drop something?

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