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Friday, April 29, 2011


by teguc1999 (bio)

I don't consider myself a man of extremes or one wont to obsessive behavior (my children would probably think me saying that is pretty funny). On the other hand, I have noticed something about me that seems to be getting worse as I get older. I am addicted to office supplies.

I googled "names for obsessions" and got some pretty interesting lists. I know I don't have chinamania (desire to collect china) or epomania (craze for writing epics). My wife would agree that choreomania (excessive desire to dance) is not one of my weaknesses - especially polkamania. I have had episodes of opsomania (or in my case, opsochocolatamania - a desire for one type of food to the exclusion of all others) and technomania (I do like to indulge in the newest tech craze). But never rising to the level of an obsession.

But I do have this crazy thing about wandering the aisles at Staples or Office Depot and just smelling the piles of copy paper and the leather briefcases. Then there is the pen aisle. I cannot walk out of an office supply store without some new pens. Today it was the Foray Rollerballs (Medium 0.7mm) - one black and one red. Did I need some new pens? No, but those pens were whispering to me - BUY ME, BUY ME. And they were on an end cap. Those retailing devils. I have drawers of pens that will dry out long before their use. I even sold several hundred last year at our garage sale - for $.25 each. Not a very good investment.

I could not find a name for my sickness. I think I will call it Sharpimania. That certainly makes it sound more positive. And for you that are shaking your heads at this very moment, I am not alone. Just read the "Stationery Fetishist's Manifesto" and ask yourself - how many post-it notes should be in your emergency supplies?

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