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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guest Post: Unfolding the Heavens

A close friend of MAB's, David is multilingual, writes music and is a math and chess fanatic. He also writes dense papers related to the gospel. We were lucky enough to be invited to read his latest paper, titled "Unfolding the Heavens." If you want to read the rest of the paper after reading the first two excerpted paragraphs below, email us and we'll put you in touch with the author.

"Spanning the chasm between God and man has been the underlying design of theologians throughout history. We desire association with the divine - we push toward ascension to see the unknown. We crave to pull back the veil and peer into Heavenly Father’s realm and see reality from His glorified perspective. Although an understanding of Heavenly Father’s nature and the expanse of his domain may not be directly relevant to our ability to learn and follow the Gospel’s teachings, I do believe that catching a glimpse of His relationship to us may inspire confidence in His omniscience and build our trust and hope in Him and His Plan.

I believe that Heavenly Father, as the architect of our tangible universe, has a perception of His creation that allows Him to communicate with us according to His will. I propose a conceptual model that, although not entirely unique, helps explain God’s glorified perspective and physical relationship with this world as described throughout LDS scripture. The model is based in dimensional geometry."

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