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Comment policies

Head nod to Times & Seasons for extensive borrowing of their comment policies. Don't consider this an exclusive list until we've thought of everything. We'll let you know when that happens.

1. Comments are expected to reflect different points of view. Be careful that critiques, if any, are of the argument or position, not the person. No insults please.

2. In general, Modern Mormon Men is a site for all types of mormons (irons rods*, liahonas*, various stages of activity), or for non-mormons who are willing to respect the values of the mormon church. Comments that suggest one or more of the groups mentioned above is unintelligent or uninformed are not welcome.

3. Modern Mormon Men is not in the advertising business. Feel free to plug something if it's relevant to the post, but do not plug off-topic posts on other blogs, books, products, etcetera.

4. Like our posts, comments are expected to be intelligible. Keep acronyms to a minimum, proofread and spell check.

5. Violations of intellectual property laws will not be tolerated. Violations of other laws, including defamation and slander, will not be tolerated.

6. Comments that are excessively rude, graphic or offensive are unacceptable. Potty humor, while sometimes funny in person, is usually not welcome in comments. Please respect the contributors and readers of our blog.

7. These policies will be enforced by the blog co-founders. Enforcement could include any or all of the following - deleting comments, warning offenders and banning IP addresses.

8. These policies may be added to or modified at our discretion.

* What the Church Means to People Like Me, Richard Poll, August 1967

Guest posting policies

1. Topics should reflect something modern mormon men, or their partners, might find interesting.

2. Guest posts should be original material (discuss with us if not). We prefer guest posts that have not been previously published on another website or in print.

3. Subsequent or concurrent to posting on Modern Mormon Men, guest contributors are encouraged to produce a teaser post on their own website if one exists.

4. Links to guest contributor websites should add value to Modern Mormon Men readers.

5. Affiliate links are not allowed.

6. Modern Mormon Men reserves the right to edit guest posts for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. We might also edit guest posts to format them in a way that is more readable on our blog.

7. Modern Mormon Men reserves the right to provide a brief introduction or conclusion to your guest post explaining how or why we think our readers might benefit from your post. If added, the introduction or conclusion will be clearly set apart.

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. You can read our privacy policy here. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us.

Copyright policy

© 2011 - 2014 Modern Mormon Men. All rights reserved. This notice pertains to all website material. For use and permission inquiries, or for more information about our copyright policy, contact us at modernmormonmen at gmail dot com. Inquiries pertaining to individual posts will be forwarded to the respective contributor.

By submitting work, contributors implicitly license Modern Mormon Men to print, re-print, distribute, and display their work without compensation of any kind. Published contributors retain full rights over their work, and may submit their work to other websites after it has appeared on Modern Mormon Men without obtaining permission; however, Modern Mormon Men should be acknowledged as the place of first publication.

Contributors who quote from other content must secure any necessary permissions, and will be responsible for any infractions of copyright law within their pieces.

Modern Mormon Men does not usually accept submissions which are under consideration by other websites. Submissions not immediately used may be held, with the author's permission, for possible use as future posts. Non-published contributors are free to submit their work to other websites if they have received a rejection notice, or if they have requested their work on hold to be released from our files.

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