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Friday, January 10, 2014

Top MMM Posts of 2013

Another year down for Modern Mormon Men. Thanks for reading and participating! Here are the top posts written in 2013 (based on pageviews). If you've already seen them, read 'em again!

1. The Infantilisation of Young Single Adults by ldsbishop
2. #MormonHalloweenMovies: The Twitter Hashtag that Blew Up by brettmerritt
3. What to Do When Bored in Church by Scott Heffernan
4. Let's Talk About … by Shawn Tucker
5. Institutional Unrighteous Dominion by ldsbishop
6. 11 Reasons to Stop Texting While Driving Now by brettmerritt
7. 8 Reasons Why I Want My Kids to Attend the BYU by Eliana
8. PSAs for Mormon Men by Jenne Alderks (Guest) & Scott Heffernan
9. "I'm a Mormon" Comes to the UK ... Big-Time by ldsbishop
10. I'm Joni Hilton's Computer, and I'd Just Like to Say I'm Sorry by Shawn Tucker

Any favorites of yours that aren't on the list?

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